In this exclusive feature, we’re showcasing a powerful community leader and her work with a parenting group and a community she’s built around it. Super Creative Mamas -Global, founded by Anum Shahid Nawab.

Running for three years now and with a member ship of 38,000+ members; this group aims to encourage STEM based cross contextual learning in children that will help them integrate knowledge across disciplines and also serves as a relevant mommy query group. 

Mothers may seek informed maternal/child related advice, ask for STEM based activities and guidance, share the activities they do with their children and use the group for an education support group. For new parents, this groups serves as a treasure cave dealing with topics from how to deal with teething problems and the myths busting, to book recommendations, to free tutorials, story sessions, lunchbox recipes and ideas, recycle crafts, science experiments, math techniques, or every day parenting advice.

While talking to ElleTech, founder of SCM, Dr. Anum Shahid Nawab told us how she began the group when some of her friends encouraged her to share her knowledge in child psychology and reveal her book recommendations for parents. The group hit 5000 members within the first week and there was no looking back for Anum since. She also recently completed her certification on STEM and constructivism from University of Illinios, Chicago. 

When asked about the activities on the group, Nawab said;

“We have book review Wednesday’s, educational toy recommendations to helpful tips and tricks to teach toddlers literally anything. All you gotta do is use the search bar and it’s there!  We have had 7 extremely successful STEM workshops and playdates in Karachi. We have global reps in Muscat, Dubai, China, Abu Dhabi, UK, Australia and US. We have also had international events with international story tellers on board for physical and online story telling on the forum.

During the pandemic where parents were clueless where to head to we introduced free of charge Coding tutorials for kids and awarded them certificates after completion and kept putting forth free story telling sessions for kids and mothers to learn from.”

SCM also often runs sponsored competitions on the group. These are fun activities with an educational approach that keep the members engaged and motivated. 

This group has not only redefined the perception of STEM learning amongst Pakistani parents but also changed the approach towards parenthood for many mothers. It is certainly one of ElleTech’s best picks and all the more since the focus here too is STEM! More power to women in TEAMS!

You may find the link SCM-Global here.