The Mummy Club

Bringing you another member story, this time we’re putting the spotlight on the Founder and Force at the The Mummy Club (TMC), and someone we’ve seen emerging into a serial entrepreneur, Manahyl Khan.

The Mummy Club was created on March 12, 2018 – in response to an urgent need for a non-judgmental, always open, and inclusive community for mothers, and women who support mothers. TMC recognizes the need for a parent to be happy and at peace in order to be a wholesome good parent and this tightly knit community provides a safe haven to women who may be mothers, wanting to be mothers or people who support mothers. 

TMC is not restricted to an online presence, rather it is an off-line community where women share, interact, mingle, network, celebrate and uplift each other. Based out of Karachi, founder Manahyl Khan, often recalls the time she was a new mother and faced difficulties in understanding motherhood and desperately needed a  support group. Seeing none, she decided to make one and little did she know that not only will this expand into a group every member goes to for support but also for much more. 

The group hosts regular Flea Markets, Mummy Markets, Friday Freebies, polls and discussions. This group has been a trendsetter for mothers who want to stay abreast with mom fashion and was also the first to build a global network of members. What has been an absolutely winning strategy for members to have a safe space has been the feature called Anonymous Question. TMC created its own way of letting the person sending in the query and the person answering the query remain totally anonymous via filling google forms and labelling hashtags. Even the team at TMC who is moderating the questions is unaware of who is posting this way. This has been one of the most used features and most women log in just to ask their most private questions trusting the group to guard her privacy. 

The group annually hosts TMC Awards where different women are recognized for their talents and hard work. TMC also does seasonal pop-up stores where club recommended brands are allowed to sell their products. The group also recently launched their online store which features some of the best brands in the country along with baby essentials that are not otherwise available in Pakistan. 

All in all, TMC makes it to ElleTech’s top picks because it is important to recognize that mothers regularly need support and constructive advice on life issues and remind them to also have fun while parenting.

The link for TMC can be found here.