Respectful Discipline By Maryam Munir (TPEP)

In this exclusive feature, we’re showcasing a powerful community leader and her work with a parenting group and a community she’s built around it.

Founded by Maryam Munir, a certified Positive Discipline Educator and Parenting Consultant, this Facebook Community group is devoted to teaching and normalizing raising children with compassion and respect while setting “kindly strict” boundaries for a balanced approach.

They teach evidence-based practices (EBPs) for raising children who will become kind, resilient and well-adjusted adults. The group claims they “raise and believe that only healthy adults can raise healthy children. Started in 2018, the group now has a membership of 30,000+ members from all over the world. The group defines itself as slow paced and encourages its members to read, understand and learn from the topics under discussion.

When asked why she started this group, Munir says;

“I founded TPEP ( in 2018 because I got tired of the judgement parents constantly feel and decided what we need is support. So I seek to empower parents with respectful parenting skills through this free group and reasonable priced workshops.”

While some may question how Munir can assume she knows best and is teaching from her own understanding, she clarifies that

“Everything I teach is solidly based on the latest neuroscience findings and decades of irrefutable research. These resources are discussed in more detail in the Units on the group.”

With 17 detailed units about parenting with topics ranging from labelling and judging children to respectful parenting to emotional regulation; each unit deals with a wide variety of parent specific problems and gives research based answers. 

The group also conducts workshops on topics like dealing with teens and mastering the art of validation, phases of babies, toddlers, teens and young adults, healing ourselves, sleep cycles of children, eating/weaning, living in joint family systems vs. nuclear families and the list goes on. 

It is certainly a group worthy of a parent’s time and gets a strong ElleTech recommendation. ✨

You can find the link to the Facebook community group here.