Founder and Chairperson of Kiran Foundation, Sabina Khatri was announced as the recipient of highly prestigious civilian award, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, on 14 August 2020.

Her journey with Kiran began when she was following a child abuse and domestic violence case in Lyari. At the time, such heinous crimes were common there and though she did now have any trained background in education, she went into Lyari with the determination to change things and save its children. She was a mere nutrition and fitness instructor by education, came from a well-settled family and largely a stay-at-home mother. Yet she powered through the streets of Lyari at a time when most people would not even drive by the drug and gang war stricken community.

She often mentions motherhood as her biggest superpower and driving factory in setting up the Kiran Ibtedai School in 2004. It began with a few children who she took in with open arms from an early age, worked with their parents and their families and in no time the entire community of Lyari embraced her as their mother and savior.

Today, Kiran has grown from its Ibtedai school to Kiran Foundation and DCTO College and is growing even more, all thanks to one super mama who had the courage to take the first step for Lyari and its people.