The Elle-Cubator is going to be Pakistans first virtual, once a year eight week incubation home, nurturing 10-15 women who seek to be self starters, from across our training eco-system for the year. To be held in the winter as an annual moot before our SheCanBe Conference, the two month syllabus will work on our BEET System of Entrepreneurial Learning.

Based on the math of a Build Operate Transfer model, our BEET System elevates this to Build, Educate, Energize and Transfer. Elle-Cubator, will be holistically designed to inculcate the foundations of business for none to early stage women led ideas, without a particular sector focus.

The compact content will incorporate expert led coaching/mentoring, market identification/segmentation, base financial modeling, brand construction, business registration, product/service development, women centric skills and personal grooming components. The first batch of Elle-Cubator goes live in October 2021 on ElleTechs 1st birthday.

Successful graduates of the Elle-Cubator will be showcased at the SheCanBe Conference in December 2021.